Session Topics


'Integration' of different lines of archaeobotanical evidence, i.e. plant macros, pollen, charcoal, phytoliths

Methods and Analytical Archaeobotany: Field recovery techniques and solving problems in difficult situations

The contribution of ethnobotany to archaeobotanical research

Plant archaeogenetics and archaeogenomics (new!)

The role wild foods amongst early farmers and late foragers (new!)

The archaeobotanical investigation of food remains (new!)

Food Globalization in Prehistory Across Eurasia (new!)


Overseas plant exchanges in East Asia: From prehistory to protohistory (new!)

Origins of agriculture

Dispersal of cultivated plants 

Dispersal of cultivated plants: The origin and early spread of naked wheat (new!)

Dispersal of cultivated plants: New Glume Wheat, 13 years after (new!)

Stable isotopes in plant remains (new!)


POSTER SESSION: Archaeobotany and the Public

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